Cedar root and cherry bark basket by an Unknown Salish artist Historic Model Eagle and Sculpin Pole by Kwakwaka'wakw artist Charlie James Hand Carved and Painted Red Cedar Model Eagle Pole by Kwakwaka'wakw artist Charlie James Hand Carved Historic Model Pole by an unknown Northwest Coast Artist Hand carved and painted red cedar double sided paddle by unknown Northern Coastal Artist Historic Kwakwaka'wakw Shaman's Headdress by an unknown artist, c. early 1900 Seal bowl with operculum by unknown Tlingit artist Wood mortar bowl by unknown northwest coast artist Wood and acrylic paddles by unknown salish artist Historic Halibut Hook by Unknown Northwest Coastal Artist Historic Kwakwaka'wakw Thunderbird Mask by unknown artist Historic Argillite Pipe by unknown First Nations Artist Tlingit Red Corner Box in red cedar with acrylic by unknown Tlingit artist Tlingit Red Corner Box in red cedar with acrylic by unknown Tlingit artist Historical Halibut Hook by unknown Northern BC artist Painted red cedar historic bulging bowl by unknown haida artist Eagle and Bear historic model totem pole Kwakwaka'wakw Potlatch Headdress by unknown artist c. 1880s Historical Red Cedar and copper Raven Walking stick by an unknown Tlingit Artist from the 1880s Historic carved tlingit raven effigy bowl ca. 1880 Otter Effigy Bowl by unknown Tlingit Artist circa 1880 Historic cedar root and cherry bark salish round lidded basket with hide handles Historic Salish chilcotin oval lidded basket with red and black imbrication and hide handles Historic Cedar bark salish lidded basket with red and black imbrication Thompson river gathering basket with zig zag imbrication and swinging handles Thompson river burden basket salish rolling log design Tlingit Alaska cedar bark carrying bag imbricated Maple wood Raven bowl by unknown Tlingit artist Mixed Wood Nuxalk Shaman Handle with Stand by Unknown artist Nuxalk Two sided Tlingit Hawk rattle by unknown Tlingit artist Salish Basket with Star pattern design Spirit Rattles by Unknown Artist Salish Lidded basket Salish knitting basket Grass American Flag basket by unknown Makah Artist Salish cedar root basket by unknown artist Tlingit Cedar Root tourist basket Salish cedar root clam basket ca. 1900 Northwest Coast cedar root hat ca. 1900 Klikitat Klickitat Cedar root burden basket Red Cedar & Abalone Frog feast dish Kwakiutl canoe bowl Northwest coast kwakiutl canoe bowl dish Kwakwaka'wakw wood whistle ca. 1930 Tlingit red cedar witch figure ca. 1880 Historic Kwakwaka'wakw Quatsino Sound effigy figure ca. 1900 Salish cow horn spoon Fireweed Feast Ladle ca. 1880s by unknown Gitxsan artist Historic Haida Argillite Gigural Group ca. 1880 Historic Northwest Coast Native copper Thompson River Burden Basket Fraser Valley Octagonal basket Bell 69 Thompson River Burden Basket Basket #15 - Thompson River Round & Lidded Thompson River Lidded Storage basket Haida Utility basket with vertical twining and a horizontal design Bell 26 Thompson River Fully Imbricated Trinket Basket Bell 66 Chilcotin Fully imbricated lidded storage basket Bell 130 Thompson River Heart Shaped Lidded Trinket Basket Bell 104