Eagle model house post style totem pole by Gitxsan artist Wilfred Sampson Thunderbird Woman Killerwhale Bear totem in yellow cedar by Haisla artist Henry Robertson Red Cedar Eagle totem by Coast Salish artist Doug Horne Hand carved and painted red cedar and acyrlic eagle, shaman, sculpin holding a copper totem pole by Kwakwaka'wakw artist Charlie James Hand carved red cedar Bear model totem pole by Haida artist Leon Ridley Hand Carved and Painted Red Cedar Model Eagle Pole by Kwakwaka'wakw artist Charlie James Hand carved red cedar eagle totem by Salish artist Francis Horne Sr.

"Perhaps the best known and most distinctive feature of Northwest Coast [Native] cultures is the tall, carved cecar log commonly referred to as a 'totem pole'. Massive, mystical and always intriguing, the large-scale carvings readily command attention and admiration...Different types of poles had significantly different portal pole[s] frontal pole[s] poles...mortuary pole[s] posts...[T]he one who commissioned the pole discussed with the artist what crests the pole was to depict or what legend it should illustrate" (Stewart 1984: 76-81).

-- Excerpt from Cedar by Hilary Stewart