• Understanding Northwest Coast art by Cheryl Shearar

Understanding Northwest Coast Art

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"Understanding Northwest Coast Art introduces the reader to the powerful and striking artowrks produced by the Native cultures of the Northwest Coast, featuring:

A handy, dictionary-style reference guide to the symbols, crests and beings depicted in works of art such as totem poles, masks, prints, basketry and weaving. The entries cover a wide range of topics such as argillite, button blankets, Coppers, Crooked-Beak, Dzunuk'wa (the Wild Woman of the Woods), Kumugwe' (chief of the undersea world), Moon, the potlatch, Raven, Thunderbird and the Winter Ceremony

Brief descriptions of design conventions, design elements and the different art styles of the Northwest Coast cultural groups

An explanation of the interconnections between art, myth and ceremony in the life of the culture

65 reproductions of contemporary artworks, archival photos and design elements to aid identification of subjects and themes

Cheryl Shearar is a graduate of the University of British Columbia. She has worked at the Spirit Gallery in West Vancouver and at the Whistler Inuit Gallery, and now is the owner of the Salmonberry Gallery in Toronto."

- Excerpt from back cover